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The hase3d (hardware-accelerated surface engine in 3D) project grew up as a level-set-based free surface tracing engine using a GPU-based particle system to enhance volume and detail preservation (following the concept of the particle level set method be Enright It now consitutes a collection of GPU-based techniques for the visualization of unsteady flow data sets and the simulation of fluids (more information about the scientific background is available here). All of these techniques somehow rely on the idea of processing particle sets using the parallel architecture of contemporary graphics cards. This parallel processing requires, on the one hand, a careful design of the according algorithms. On the other hand, it is significantly faster than classical CPU-based methods, thus providing higher quality for real-time applications.

Flow particles in a simulated, unsteady typhoon

Flow lines (more precisely path lines) within the same flow data set

A time surface gives the impression of a cloudy object

An interactively controllable fluid consisting of particles

Where can I get the source code? - At the moment, no official release is available publicly. If you are interested in the algorithms involved in this project, don't hesitate to contact me.