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This website presents a set of materials, all being my own work or belonging to projects I worked on with other people. If you are somehow interested in graphics, visual arts or music, you are welcome to take a look-around.

Why setcolor? - On one hand, the name setcolor is an allusion to programming languages, where get and set functions are frequently used to read and write data. On the other hand, set color can be understood litterally as a symbol for (artistic) creativity.
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  Mon, 13 Jul 2009
  • A new example program has been added in the graphics section, and my graphics research related pages have been updated. Some other minor and/or internal updates have been made.
  Tue, 08 Jan 2008
  • An easy riddle to start into 2008... are the two boxes lying on the same side of the curved line?
  Tue, 06 Nov 2007
  • One tool has been added to the linux hardware section.
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